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ECHO Events is pleased to announce its new Training+Development Division“!”.

We get it! Your employees are your company’s biggest asset and investing in their talent is detrimental. A structured training and development program ensures business growth and success.

We are delighted to help you with your training needs.

Why should you participate in ECHO Events Training?

  • 10+ years experience in training and development in interdisciplinary fields.
  • We pledge for your success:
  • We use concrete examples from your industry.

Personal Training

  • All training is adaptable for one-on-one sessions.

Hands-on training:

  • Leave with the right tools and next steps – start fresh confidently!

FREE consultation (post-training)

  • Graduates call on their expert-trainers after attending the workshop*.

*Ask for details – subject to the instructor’s availability.


Media Relations and Spokesperson Workshop

Provided to you by media experts, The Media Relations and Spokesperson Workshopwas developed to help participants navigate the complex world of media and gain skills to perform successful media interviews.

The Workshop consists of three modules, each offering important information about the process of dealing with media and tricks to speak with the media confidently. The three modules presented throughout the day will walk participants through a typical media interaction. The modules cover three important timelines of a successful media interview:

  • Preparation prior to a media interview
  • Principles and tips for taking part in media interview
  • Evaluation and follow-up following media interview

The Workshop is designed to be interactive with participants completing hands-on tasks to gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to conduct proper media interviews. Participants can expect to take part in a mock media interview.

Following the Workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the six general principles of executing a media interview
  • Develop strong key messages and deliver them coherently;
  • Distinguish the various types of media interviews (including pros/cons);
  • Learn general and specific tips for media interviews;
  • Exude confidence on camera and phone interviews with media; and
  • Understand how to use clear language, facts, examples, quotes, soundbites, analogies, etc. in media interviews.

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