Organizing and coordinating logistics are considered our strength. Our team of experts who will take care of the smallest details, working collectively with you to ensure exceptional results. At ECHO Events, we truly understand the corporate world as we (too) have experience in the corporate world – both public and private sector. We have worked with program experts, Canadian Public Servants, Private Sector experts, Entrepreneurs and a wide range of suppliers. We pride ourselves in establishing relationships that will bring you and your guests the outcome you deserve and an unforgettable experience.

We specialize in corporate event planning including Conferences, Seminars, Media Events, VIP Events, Awards, Trade Shows, Business dinners, Networking Events, Customer Appreciation Events and more! From a small local fundraiser to a multi-day festival, ECHO Events will plan your event hand in hand with you. Our 20 years of experience has provided us with invaluable skill – we are not only corporate event planners, we are also fixers!

Our Lead

Sindy Souffront is the founder and owner of ECHO events. Most of her clients will attest to her Energetic, Creative, Helpful and Organized personality. In fact, that is why ECHO Events was created! A Master’s Degree in Communications in hand she has been acquiring experience in communications, marketing and media since 1996. She has had the chance to work in various Canadian Federal Departments as well as the private sector.  She is an excellent communicator who possesses the charisma and the positive energy that appeals to her clients.

Call us now for your free consultation! ECHO Events offers bilingual, English and French, planning services in the GTA.

Sit back and let ECHO Events take care of the details!

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